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A Scrabble Word Finder is used for games such as Scrabble®, Lexulous, Wordscraper, Scrabulous, Anagrammer, Literati, Text Twist and Jumble Words .It helps in defeating your opponents. Scrabble word finder will generate many possible words from the letters that you have on rack while playing scrabble. It is very effective while playing competitive tournaments worldwide as well as while playing with friends. We have put together a summary of scrabble word lists, scrabble help, scrabble rules and an excellent scrabble word finder to help you win every word game.  We have lists of the two letter scrabble words, and helpful words such as Q words without U,  Z letter words which are rare to find.

How to Play Scrabble

Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board marked with a 15*15 grid. The words are formed across and down in crossword fashion and must appear in a standard dictionary. Official reference works (e.g. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) provide a list of permissible words. The Collins Scrabble checker can also be used to check if a word is allowed.

The name Scrabble is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. in the United States and Canada. Elsewhere, Scrabble is trademarked by Mattel. The game is sold in 121 countries; there are 29 different language versions. One hundred and fifty million sets have been sold worldwide, and sets are found in roughly one-third of American homes.

How to Play Scrabble Flash

Scrabble Flash is a game where the families have to make words using 5 oversized electronic Scrabble Flash letter tiles. Alternating between teams, each family takes a turn picking what word they can make. The team then arranges the Flash tiles used to make that word. The team gets 3 points for making a word with 3 letters, 4 points by making a word with 4 letters, or 5 points by making a word with 5 letters. The first family to reach a score of 25 points or more is the winner.

To be able to win one can obviously use scrabble cheat or a scrabble word finder to get the right permissible words from renowned word dictionaries from all over the world.

How our Scrabble word finder works

The base dictionary for scrabble word finder that we follow is the TWL word checklist also referred to as the Official Tournament and Club Word List which is the official word authority for tournament Scrabble in USA and Canada .The official scrabble players dictionary (OSPD) is used for scrabble competitions in the US and Canada. Its British counterpart is Chambers Official Scrabble Words, and the combination of the two word lists is known as SOWPODS. The SOWPODS scrabble dictionary is used in the rest of the world. The word finder therefore can scan the actual dictionary for just about any words which match the floor tiles that you have on rack.